GolfSight for Google Glass, vignette of Augusta National hole 1

Distances to every green

Distances to the front, center and back of every green. Updating immediately as you move around the course. GolfSight uses the MyGlass app on your phone/tablet to get GPS signals and great images.

Keep score

Keep track of your score as you play. Just tap and swipe on Glass to set your score for the hole.

After your round, take a picture with Glass and make a vignette to share with your friends.

Social golf : Google Glass vignettes are a great way to share your golf scorecard

GolfSight for Glass finds the golf courses nearest you and loads it automatically

Over 25,000 courses

We have thousands of courses world wide, mapped by real golfers. Get in touch if you can't find your course and we will help out.

GolfSight will find the courses mapped near you, but you can check our parent site for availability. You can add (or update) courses there too.

and more...

Hazards & Targets

Many holes have bunkers, water hazards, trees and target points mapped. You can edit courses on to add or update the features.

Read Aloud

GolfSight can read distances aloud to you, so you feel like a real caddy is standing over your shoulder.


GolfSight by SkyDroid uses the MyGlass app on your phone to get real time GPS distances. Images will be loaded through either your phone's data connection or wi-fi when available, and cached for later use.

GDK Enabled

Built with Google's new Glass Development Kit (GDK) to give you access to native functionality not available on most other Glassware